Inspection and Safety Ratings of Czech EuroVelo

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Thanks to EuroVelo network of 15 long distance cycle routes, a project of the European Cyclists’ Federation, cycling across Europe is possible. The EuroVelo network, coordinated by Nadace Partnerství in the Czech Republic, includes 70.000 km of long-distance cycle routes.

The EuroVelo routes are developed on existing  national or regional cycle routes of each country and they are using unified signposting characterized by European symbol with a route number and logo/name. In Czechia you can enjoy  2.100 km of partly signposted  EuroVelo 4,7,9 a 13 routes. Across the country from the West to the East along the  EuroVelo 4, following the former division line between the East and West, along the two magnificent rivers Elbe and Moldau on EuroVelo 7 or from jeseníky mountains to vineyards of South Moravia along  the EuroVelo 9 route.

Our tasks:

  • Infrastructure star rating maps. Color coded risk maps of selected routes (plus one integrated map) mapping the infrastructure safety risks for bicyclists that will be used in multiple ways to increase awareness and build knowledge about present safety risk on transnational Danube corridors infrastructure for bicyclists.
  • Infrastructure star rating inspection database. Database collected during inspections on Czech EuroVelo network at 100m intervals: Database consists of geocoded images (pictures and videos), geocoded infrastructure description attributes, infrastructure feature and asset description attributes, supporting data (flows, operating speeds, etc.)