CH4LLENGE – Addressing the four key challenges of sustainable urban mobility planning

The CH4LLENGE project supported mobility practitioners in improving local transport planning processes and developing quality Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. It addressed the four most pressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning: participation, cooperation, measure selection as well as monitoring and evaluation. If you are curious to learn more about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan concept, please visit the Background section. If you would like to know more about the cities and organisations involved in CH4LLENGE, have a look at the Partners overview.

CH4LLENGE carried out innovative SUMP pilot projects, offered a comprehensive training programme for mobility practitioners and developed a wide range of new SUMP knowledge resources. Key project outcomes are captured in the Results section. Visit SUMP Kits to discover the four resource kits CH4LLENGE developed, each consisting of a quick-facts brochure, a comprehensive manual and an e-learning course. Further project material is available for download in the Outputs section.