EU Funds

1. Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) 2014–2020

Recapitulation: Under the specific objective 1.2: Increasing the share of sustainable transport modes from IROP/IRROP 2, 185 projects focused on the construction and reconstruction of cycleways was financially supported. In total CZK 1.75 billion from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) was allocated for 2,328km of the cycling infrastructure. And there are 175 more projects to provide in total 5,375 parking spaces for bicycles. The following projects were financially supported up to November 29, 2019:

  • 101 projects to build new cycleways with a total length of 177km, for CZK 1.22 billion from ERDF
  • 4,768 parking spaces for bicycles will be provided through 139 projects.

2. Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) 2021 – 2027

As in the previous periods, the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) will aim to ensure a balanced territorial development, improve infrastructure, improve public services and public administration, and thus ensure sustainable development in towns, cities and regions. IROP strives to stregthen regional competitivness, and increase the quality of life in the CR. Within the entire IROP strategy, the selected solutions must be considered with regard to various needs in different areas in the CR.

IROP is a broad-based programme aimed to improve the quality of life in many places in the CR. The main areas where the financial support goes to include 2nd and 3rd class roads together with transport services (emission-free/low-emission public transport vehicles, cinstruction of transport terminals or cycle paths, etc.).

IROP uses not only subsidies, but innovative ways of drawing funds, like financial instruments, or integrated instruments. Integrated instruments are used to concentrate EU funds in specific types of territories, and thus support their development, while compensate regional disbalancies. These are, in particular, Integrated Territorial Investments (IRI), Integrated Territorial Development Plans (ITDP) and Community-led Local Development (CLLD).

Towns, cities, or local action groups are holders of integrated instruments. Funding priorities had to be defined, as a part of integrated strategy for their territories. Strategies enable financing of activities from various priority areas, one or more operational programmes.

Ministry for Regional Development is the IROP managing authority which announces calls, and sets the deadlines for submission of grant applications. For drawing funds, it is necessary to develop a quality project plan - feasible, effective, sustainable and in accordance with IROP calls.

Financially supported cycling infrastructure in SC 1.2 IROP (SC 4.1 – MAS):

  • Bicycle transport - cycleways and lanes designated for cyclists (and pedestrians) for daily commuting - (re)construction; line measures for cyclists in the main traffic area (designated cycle lanes, pictogram corridors) for daily commuting (modifications/implementation)
  • Transport safety - cycleways and cycle lanes incorporated into sidewalk (re)construction projects.
  • Terminals and parking systems - B&R systems as parts of terminals / separate - (re)construction

Next programme period is currently being prepared by the Ministry for Regional Development, but it is highly uncertain due to the pandemic in the world.