Above all, this is YOUR CHALLENGE

10,000 steps is a magical while at the same time quite debated number. However, we can all agree on the positive benefits of regular, and if possible brisk, walking. For some, 10,000 steps is a piece of cake, for others an unattainable goal. For some, 20, 50 or more kilometres a day is a challenge; for others, even a single kilometre can mean pushing their limits.

It doesn't matter if you lead or close the performance charts. The important thing is to be happy with yourself. Be better or at least as good as you were yesterday and track your progress.

Just as you set your resolutions for the new year, set your challenge. Eight categories have been prepared for you based on difficulty. Each has an animal representative and is defined by the number of kilometres you would like to walk per day.

Since regularity is important to us, you need to cover the distance every day, not an average of a month.

Have you ever tried to measure how many steps you take and how many kilometres you walk in your common day? How many steps would you like to walk?  Create your own goal. Within the Challenge, you can choose one of the categories based on how many steps you would like to walk in a day to challenge yourself. Can you do it?

Remember to set your challenge before recording your first performance!

How to set your challenge correctly? Think about how much you usually walk and put yourself in a category that is slightly higher than your normal daily average. If you choose a low goal, you won't enjoy the Challenge. If you choose a goal that's too high, you'll just be tired and frustrated that you can't meet it. So choose wisely and, above all, with your well-being in mind :)

Choose your challenge by logging in to your account management.

If you complete your personal challenge within 27 days of the Challenge, you will receive a virtual badge that will appear next to your name.

You can see how you're doing on your own profile in the dedicated section. If you're interested in others, check out the detailed stats on the portal.

Activity measurement

In the challenge you can walk (including Nordic walking) or run. Record your activity as a full day or as a one-off on any device that can do this. Learn more about how to enter activity…

Compete with others

You'll get points for every kilometre you walk in the Challenge. The amount of points per kilometre varies for each individual depending on your weight and age. The higher your BMI and age, the more points you get, giving you the chance to compare your strength with more vital participants. You can see how you're doing in the table on the Challenge portal.

You can compare your performance not only nationwide, but also within regions, municipalities or groups.

Remember, however, that you are first and foremost in it for yourself, and the performance of individuals can never be fairly compared. Walk for your health, for fun and motivate those around you as a role model.

Fill in your age, weight and height details correctly in your profile. This information is non-public and will not be seen by any of the participants, it is only used to calculate the correct points.

Collect virtual badges

Premium account holders can collect virtual badges during the Challenge. These will automatically appear on your profile when you meet the requirements to get them. For a specific list of badges, including the conditions for earning them, click HERE.

Create your own experience calendar

You can save your travels, experiences and pleasant moments in your personal experience calendar. You can upload one photo for each day, including a caption. At the end of the Challenge, premium account holders can download the calendar in the form of a participation sheet. Read more HERE.

Track your progress

You can see all your recorded activities in your profile not only in a table, but also in graphs. For example, you can compare your performance between days as well as between rounds of the Challenge - if you participated in them and you are a Premium account holder.