EPOMM is the European Platform on Mobility Management, a network of governments in European countries that are engaged in Mobility Management (MM). They are represented by the Ministries that are responsible for MM in their countries. EPOMM is organised as an international non profit organisation with seat in Leuven (BE).

The main tools to achieve the aims of EPOMM are:

  • Policy Transfer: We provide tailor made support to assist direct transfer of the best policies from other countries or from EU projects to each member country.
  • Training and Workshops: We organise and arrange trainings, have a trainer and training materials database and award a training quality label to trainings that meet our standards.
  • National Focal Points (NFP): our national networks. We help to develop them and foster the communication and interchange amongst them and to the European level.
  • This website: containing the most updated and most in depth information on MM available
  • Our monthly e-update: this is thematic news providing the actual highlights, mainly from the EPOMM member states
  • Online tools: the two more an more popular tools are TEMS – The EPOMM Modal Split Tool with modal split data from over 350 cities and MaxEva, the standard evaluation tool for MM projects.
  • ECOMM: The renowned yearly European Conference on Mobility Management takes place every year in a city in an EPOMM member state
  • EU-relations: regular contacts with European institutions and cooperations with CIVITAS, ELTIS, the UITP, POLIS and EUROCITIES make our voice heard in Europe.
  • EU-Project Networking: EPOMM is an efficient way to disseminate project results from European Projects, through our NFPs, our e-update, our trainings and our website. After a EU-project finishes, the EPOMM-website is the best way to maintain and further disseminate project results.
  • Secretariat: through our contact point you are able to get the information you need for your MM-projects.

With this array of tools EPOMM sets the Agenda for MM in Europe and creates a range of benefits for its members. For more info please download the EPOMM brochure.

Video: Previous EPOMM Coordinator Karl-Heinz Posch about Mobility Management and EPOMM

EPOMM-membership: the benefits

  • Determine EPOMM activities: The members control EPOMM activities through the board and determine the yearly work programme.
  • Information access: Excellent information access through the website, the e-update and secretariat services: find research papers, key experts, interesting case studies etc.
  • Participation in the twice-yearly NFP-workshops - exchange experience with other countries, directly transfer know how from the "exporting" country to your home country via the Policy Transfer. You can determine the topic of these workshops, you can also host these workshops.
  • Free or reduced fee access: to the workshops of EPOMM, to the ECOMM and EPOMM network meetings. Only EPOMM member countries can host the prestigious ECOMM conference.
  • Influence on European policies: EPOMM is regularly invited to comment on EU-policy plans - such as the Action Plan on Urban Mobility. Furthermore, it organises meetings with policy officers and politicians in Brussels to consult on Mobility Management and related topics.
  • Better access to European projects: EPOMM often is a platform for the dissemination of project results and as such has excellent access to results and key persons in European projects.
  • Standardisation: EPOMM works on the European standardisation of mobility management issues where it is deemed useful - examples for this are TEMS – The EPOMM Modal Split Tool with modal split data from over 350 cities and MaxEva, the standard evaluation tool for MM projects.
  • Country page: EPOMM provides you with an own country page with an own, national event calendar and a good overview over all MM-related EU-projects and project partners in your country.
  • Positive image: last but not least, EPOMM shows that you work on a better future and helps you to disseminate this image to a wide audience, - in your own country as well as in Europe.

More: http://www.epomm.eu/index.php?id=2591