Premium Account

Participation in the Challenge is free from the very beginning. Everyone can walk for fun and for their health, starting from early childhood. You as a foreign participant do not have to pay anything, but if you would really like to support our project, send us 10 EURO (or more) to the account of our association: 1687549036/2700.

Information for Czech users is as follows:
The 10,000 Steps team has been working on the continuous improvement of the Challenge for three years now. Together with our partners, we are trying to make walking even more enjoyable for you and the places even a little more pleasant.

But along with that comes a cost that we have to deal with. We have decided that we dont want to clutter the system with advertising, but instead offer you the option of a Premium Account.

Therefore, we would be happy if you support the development and operation of the Challenge financially by purchasing a premium account. This personal account upgrade costs a minimum of 250 CZK per Challenge round. However, you can contribute more if you feel it is appropriate. The Premium Account is activated separately before each round.

A special code to activate the Premium Account will automatically be given to city, company and school coordinators. Also, employees of companies in the corporate challenge have a premium membership package. The ability to set up your homepage on the portal has been new since the 2023 Spring Challenge. After logging into the portal, you will see your results, the results of one of your teams ( the one you choose) and the results of your city right at the top. If you have a Premium Account, you can set up two more of your friends, teams and friendly cities whose results you are interested in. You will see them right below your details when you log in.