We aim to change the way of viewing mobility in Czech towns and cities, and to overcome barriers that hinder elaboration and implementation of mobility plans in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, we want to establish cooperation with European experts on developing a new SUMP 2 methodology which extends the potential of planning to more entities. We hope that ideas and suggestions from the CR will enhance qualities of the new methodology.

This website was created to present various activities and measures in the SUMP process, carried out in the CR, at international level.

We believe that our good practice examples can inspire many other countries. We also believe that this reflection can help us get new partners from across Europe; partners that will significantly contribute to our efforts. The Czech confession tries to explain that Good Practice includes not only success, but also misunderstanding and disappointments. The way to a good solution often leads through many difficulties.


Why the Partnership for Urban Mobility?

The Association of Cities for Cyclists which was established in 2013, has recently been transformed into the Partnership for Urban Mobility. This change expresses a shift in our mission - from cycling towards urban mobility. The transformation was confirmed by the General Meeting held in Prague on March 29, 2019. Activities, as well as the overall identity of the association, will remain.

The Association was established to support not only cycling as both transport and leisure activity, but sustainable urban mobility in general. Although the concept of SUMP originally seemed to be a great promise, soon turned out to a great misunderstanding because the Czech planners and local authorities put strong emphasis on an analytical phase, on preparation steps and defining of goals, while the question of fact, the substantive part of the plans, remains suppressed. If our aim is to approximate the way of approaching urban mobility plans in the Czech Republic to developed European countries, we need more than to provide information, we need to change public viewing of transportation.

Quite naturally, the Czech Association focuses on the topic of active modes of transport and public space, as defined by the European Urban Agenda. We know well that without changing the approach to urban mobility planning there will be no changes in urban cycling.