We want to help implement the new The Urban and Active Mobility Concept for 2021-2030 and new czech The Guideline Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP  2.0.) in practice.

We aim to change the way of viewing mobility in Czech towns and cities, and to overcome barriers that hinder elaboration and implementation of mobility plans in the Czech Republic. 

Our goals

  • Participate actively on the implementation of the Urban and Active Mobility Concept 2021-2030;
  • Provide professionals with a methodological background, especially through webinars, workshops, discussions and conferences, for supporting urban and active mobility; Be an administrator of the Urban Mobility Academy website; Urban transport and mobility are very complex issues. Important topics in the integrated urban development, such as sustainable development, climate change in urban areas, reducing barriers, innovative mobility solutions, or a human-oriented social city concept, relate to many disciplines and sectors, and require the engagement of various stakeholders and network structures;
  • CityChangers. Spread the expert knowledge and make the issue popular in the wide public, this is what the CityChangers initiative was established for (citychangers.eu);
  • Bike Vision 2030. Coordinate, in cooperation with towns and regions, the development of the cycling network in the CR; it includes creation of a map for designing safe cycling measures;
  • Support walking. Enhance active mobility and physical activity of citizens through the 10,000 Steps. 
  • Organize the Vít Branda Award to appreciate exceptional transport constructions which make the public space more attractive. Emphasising more the need of creating public and street space with regard to the promotion of active mobility, environmental protection and safety of vulnarable users.