List of priorities with goals and measures:


Goal 1.1  Construction and maintenance of cycling infrastructure

  1. CONSTRUCTION – provide support for the construction of cycling infrastructure.
  2. RECONSTRUCTION AND NEW CONSTRUCTION - Implementation of measures in favor of cycling (bicycle lanes, bicycle paths, bridges, subways) within the new buildings and reconstruction of state and regional roads and the railway constructions (cooperation from the very beginning of the project documentation).
  3. INTERMODALITY - Implementation of measures that help connect cycling with public transport both in the daily commuting to work and school and in the area of cycling.

Goal 1.2 Use the existing roads also for the needs of cyclists 

  1. RAILS-TO-TRAILS CONSERVANCY– When some railway lines were canceled, to build bicycle paths.
  2. RIVER TRAILS – Promote cycling infrastructure leading along the watercourses.
  3. FIELD AND FOREST PATHS – Utilize landscaping and forest paths for cycle tracks and for the construction of new cycling infrastructure.

Goal 1.3  Support for construction of long-distance cycling network and EuroVelo cycle routes

  1. CONSTRUCTION OF PROBLEMATIC SECTIONS – Following the TEN and the State Tourism Policy Concept in the Czech Republic, implement gradually sections of cycle paths and roads suitable for cyclists within the backbone EuroVelo network and long-distance cycle routes in the CR.
  2. MARKING OF EUROVELO ROUTES AND RE-MARKING OF THE LONG-DISTANCE NETWORK – Implement markings of EuroVelo network passing through the Czech Republic and provide management and maintenance of this marking. Re-mark the Czech long-distance cycling network in cooperation with regions.
  3. ANALYTICAL DATA FOR LANDSCAPE PLANNING – Incorporate cycle routes in the landscape planning analytical materials.


The experience from abroad shows that the more cyclists and pedestrians we have in our cities, the safer the urban area is for them.  Thus, the cycling promotion is one of the ways to increase traffic safety and reduce the number of fatalities.  We only need a new culture of urban and transport planning which will fully respect the fundamental right of everyone to a safe cycling. 

Goal 2.1  Precautions or implementation of educational, communication and awareness raising issues 

  1. TRAFFIC EDUCATION - Promote comprehensive traffic education at the local level including health and environmental benefits of cycling along with the active efforts of parents to teach their children basic cycling skills under the motto: "Be your child's instructor."
  2. COMMUNICATION TOPICS - Implement communication topics of accident prevention on a) mutual consideration, b) increased awareness of the cycling legislation, c) predictable behaviour, d) recommended and mandatory equipment of bicycles and cyclists.
  3. COOPERATION - Collaborate with the Partnership Foundation and participate in the grant program "Na zelenou" as well as the transport competition "Cesty mesty", using good solutions aimed at popularization of traffic calming and cultivation of the traffic area in Czech towns and cities.

Goal 2.2  Checking, i.e. implementation of preventive security actions associated with monitoring accident rates of cyclists

  1. CHECKING – Check compliance with traffic rules, such as not going through a red light, using bicycle lighting, etc.  In some cases, take the checking as a trigger for a change in legislation or to modify inappropriate infrastructure.
  2. MONITORING - Monitor traffic accidents involving a cyclist and process the acquired data using a central register of accidents.
  3. BIKE THEFT PREVENTION - Encourage the creation of prevention programs against bicycle thefts (grant program of the Ministry of Interior for the acquisition of bike stands).

Goal 2.3  Implementation of legislative measures to protect the safety and smoothness of cycling

  1. TRANSPORT LEGISLATION – Realize changes in legislation relating to cycling in the Act No. 361/2000 Coll. on road traffic and in Regulation No. 30/2001 Coll. of the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  2. APPLICABLE LAWS AND REGULATIONS - The amendment of potentially related legislation and technical documents (laws, regulations of technical standards and conditions, methodological manuals and guidelines) shall always take into account the needs of cycling.  Independent and separate cycling solutions are totally inadequate, they must become an integral part of other documents (e.g. legislation on SFTI, forests, waters and protection of agricultural land).
  3. SPECIFIC TECHNICAL LITERATURE - Update Specifications 179 "Designing roads for cyclists" and provide methodological material in the form of the Technical Conditions for creation, maintenance and marking the cycle routes - European, national, regional and local level.



 Goal 3.1  Raising awareness of the instruments affecting cycling promotion

  1. EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM AND METHODOLOGY - Implement educational programs, trainings, field trips and other related events focused on cycling, all this under the single name "Bike Academy". Create methodological (teaching) materials, so-called "fact sheets" with the key themes of cycling promotion.
  2. ADVISORY SERVICE - Provide cities with methodological and consulting services (advisory services) in the field of cycling, including local surveys and participation in strategic discussions related to the development of cycling, specially focused on cities that have signed the Charter of Uherske Hradiste.
  3. RESEARCH - Support the implementation of applied research projects with bicycle themes. Integrate research into the process of promoting cycling, implement transfer of foreign knowledge and introduce appropriate measures into practice. Keep informed of the results of research and promote educational and training programs. Ensure the application of results in practice. Provide education and training of professionals at current and future challenges in transportation.

Goal 3.2 Improvement promotion of cycling as a part of our lifestyle promotion

  1. COMMUNICATION PLAN – Implement the Communication Plan of the Cycling Strategy in cooperation with cities.
  2. ACTIVITIES OF THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - Continue to implement the current activities of individual departments of the two ministries:
  3. E-MOBILITY SUPPORT - Support new forms of mobility - Electromobility - Pedelecs (bicycles with electric support, effective only when pedaling).

Goal 3.3 Creating a national network of cyclists-friendly cities

  1. ASSOCIATION – In cooperation with cities Create a national network „Cities for Cyclists“

Related recommended actions for „Cities for Cyclists“ 

  1. STRATEGY MEASURES - Elaborate or update local cycling strategies in municipalities, including the appointment of cycling coordinator, setting specific measures and financing proposals as well as implementation of transport plans for non-motorized transport (studies, master plans, incorporation of the routes in planning analytical materials).  Regular evaluation of indicators and actions of both the local cycling strategy and the cycling plans.
  2. INFRASTRUCTURE (HARD MEASURES) - Develop a comprehensive network of existing routes for non-motorized transport, providing a relatively quick and especially secure connection of important travel destinations, not only recreational but also from home to the workplace, which also allows for the expansion of zones with a speed limit of 30 km / h and the shared roads common to the motor and non-motorized transport.  Provide a cyclist with the possibility of safe and easy bicycle parking as close to his/her destination (school, work, shops, public transport station, sports facilities, etc.).  Plan the development and construction of cycling infrastructure in relation to public transport, especially the rail transports.
  3. CAMPAIGNS (SOFT MEASURES) - Promote cycling through a series of "soft" measures under the Communication Plan of the Cycling Strategy (campaigns, leaflets, maps, etc.) 


Goal 4.1  Marketing support for the product Czech Mobile

  1. NATIONAL LEVEL – Implement marketing activities for Czech and foreign cyclists. Create products for long-distance cycling and Czech TOP menu selection suitable for different target groups.
  2. REGIONAL LEVEL - Develop and improve regional and local cycling products.
  3. DATA – Obtain marketing information.

Goal 4.2  Provide the necessary infrastructure for bike tourism

  1. SUPPORTING INFRASTRUCTURE - Prepare and implement public non-profit projects for infrastructure development under current trends and demands (such as off-road biking trails with facilities, cycling central points, bicycle storage, stands at the tourist and natural landmarks, rest areas, information and educational boards, etc.).
  2. MARKINGS - Ensure the management and maintenance of bicycle markings.

Goal 4.3  Support of services and the development of human resources in the field of bike tourism

  1. TRAINING - Implement education and training programs (courses) in each region in order to define cycling products according to target groups of cyclists and discuss options for importing data processed by direct loading from destinations and editing from their own documents.
  2. CYCLING GUIDED TOURS – Increase the skills of workers in the field of guiding.  Implement a training program for the staff in bike tourism – cycling guides (certified course with knowledge of guiding the bike tourists, health care minimum, minimum knowledge about bicycle service, ability to draw up a tailored trip or program, navigational skills, etc.)
  3. CERTIFICATION OF SERVICES - Use the certification of services "Cyclists Welcome" to promote and support specialized services in accommodation with this brand.