About the project - 10000 Steps Challenge

Walking is the most natural of all human forms of movement, strengthening our bodies and minds.

At the beginning of 2021, at a time when both our bodies and minds were being put to the ultimate test due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-profit organization Partnership for Urban Mobility came up with the 10,000 Steps Challenge for everyone. The idea was to get people to include walking or running as part of their daily activities to do something more for their health.

The project's aim was and is to motivate regular activity on one's own feet for at least one month. The 10,000 Steps Challenge works with the magic threshold of ten thousand, which roughly corresponds to 7.5 kilometres. In reality, however, far fewer steps are enough to make the body more resilient. Regularity, a brisk pace and a pleasant environment are more important than the number of steps.

The activity can be monitored on any device as part of the Challenge and then uploaded by participants in the form of a print screen to their profile. It is also possible to use our app.

Each kilometre is scored, taking into account the participant's age and BMI. The aim is to enable older people and people with higher BMI to be placed at the top of the "performance" ranking.

By participating, people can not only meet their personal challenge but also motivate others. This is possible thanks to the teams that participants can form. In general, mutual encouragement, cooperation and help are the best motivation for those who need it most.

The whole Challenge runs in close cooperation with the involved cities, which inform and actively encourage their citizens to walk and prepare awarding ceremonies and interesting prizes for the best ones.