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26. 04. 2021. Czech Republic: 137 million EUR from European funds for bicycle transport are planned

Prague, Czech Republic. In the past period 2014-2020, cities and regions across Czechia built cycle paths and other infrastructure for cyclists in the total amount of at least 126 million EUR. Projects that have used funding from the regional and state budgets, as well as funding through European funds, are included.

Proposals for European funds for the next period count on an even higher amount of 137 million EUR. An amount of 23 million is reserved in the National Recovery Plan, with another 114 million EUR provided for in the current draft of the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP).

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History -
Investments in bicycle transport in the years 2014-2020   

Funding source


European funds (IROP)

55.4 mil EUR (1 447 mil. CZK)

State budget (2014-2019)

32.4 mil EUR (846 mil. CZ)

Total regions (2015-2019)

40.4 mil EUR (1 055 mil. CZK)


128.2 mil EUR (3 348 mil. CZK)

Safe trails for pedestrians and cyclists are being built mainly thanks to support from European funds. Thanks to this financial support, new cycle paths and protected paths for cyclists were created. There are now 4,000 kilometers of them in the Czech Republic.

Our tasks:

We monitor the intents of municipalities or regions to build infrastructure for cyclists that requires higher costs
. It is necessary to set correctly the conditions for IROP for the new programme period 2021-2027, as well as to coordinate the conditions with support coming from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

Our Parnership for Urban Mobility focuses will contribute to identifying, supporting, integrating and improving traditional, innovative and user-friendly sources of funding for Urban Areas at the relevant institutional level, including from European structural and investment funds (ESIF) (in accordance with the legal and institutional structures already in place) in view of achieving effective implementation of interventions in Urban Areas. The Parnership for Urban Mobility focuses will not create new or increased funding aimed at higher allocations for Urban Authorities. However, it will draw from and convey lessons learned on how to improve funding opportunities for Urban Authorities across all policies and instruments.