Guideline on how to update our The Urban and Active Mobility Concept for 2021-2030 (national cycling plan)

Yes, of course. The Czech Repulic has the Urban and Active Mobility Concept for 2021-2030. But we suggest modifications it.

It is not that we would not like cycling or that the work done so far would not be helpful. On the contrary, it is a fact that both professional and lay public are constantly moving forward (or - mostly forward), which is reflected in methodological approaches too. Unfortunately, compared to the Western countries, post-communist countries have always been behind in the field of cycling. Moreover, copying others can work only to a certain extent. It is essential to define properly cultural, historical and other differences to be able to replicate what can really work in our country. And this is the sticking point, because although having effective tools to support cycling, we have forgotten to find our weaknesses. Communication skills have their imperfections in most post-communist countries, although the level of communication of support for cycling affects lives of all citizens for further decades on, and it is highly important for the process of the development of a national cycling plan/strategy how the information is conveyed and received. However, the document (the national cycling plan/strategy) itself, although being well elaborated, has no power to solve out our problems, it is just the first step on the challenging and never-ending journey. Despite more minor shortcomings in our approach, the most important thing is to understand what the purpose of the cycling plan/strategy is and how to make full use of it.

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