Virtual badges

Within each round of the Challenge, we have eight "virtual" badges for you to earn by recording your activities. When you earn them, they will appear on your personal profile.

The first three are progressive so you can level up, the next two can only be earned once, and the last three are bonus, so-called anniversary badges, relating to a specific event on that day.

The bonus badges in the April challenge are 7 April - Health Day, 18 April - International Day of Monuments and Sites and 21 April - World Creativity and Innovation Day.

As part of the personal challenge, you will also receive a badge with a display of the animal according to the number of kilometres you have chosen for the challenge.

You will get it if you complete your personal challenge, i.e. the chosen number of kilometres per day, in at least 27 days of the Challenge.


How much can you walk in one day? What is your record?

You will receive the badge if you can walk or run in one day:

  • 5 km (10,000 steps)
  • 21 km (half marathon)
  • 42 km (marathon)
  • 100 km (ultramarathon)


Step by step, day by day, they add up. Will you be a millionaire?

You'll get the badge if you make it through the month:

  • 100,000 steps
  • 250,000 steps
  • half a million steps
  • million steps


Quantity is of public interest and tests our physical fitness, but regularity is often more important for health. Taking at least a few steps every day.

You get the badge if you upload an activity in a row in:

  • 7 days (a week)
  • 14 days (two weeks)
  • 21 days (three weeks)
  • 28 days (four weeks)


Walking is the basics, but how about picking up some poles and trying Nordic walking? Or up the pace and try running?

You'll earn this badge when you try and upload all three activities.


Regular walking contributes to a better quality of life. ❤️

World Health Day has been celebrated annually on 7 April since 1950 under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), which is associated with the day since it was founded exactly two years earlier. Health Day is thus both a celebration of the anniversary of its founding and a great opportunity to remember the importance of health and its protection.

Have you done something for your health today? Have you not? Go for a walk and make a difference!

To get the badge, upload and save the activity on your profile.


International Day of Monuments and Sites was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1982. On 18 April, the whole world commemorates its own cultural heritage.

Do you know all the monuments and historical sites in your area?  Go explore them and you might even come across some you might not have known about until now!

Don't forget to upload and save your activity on the Challenge portal or app on this day and the badge will be yours.


World Creativity and Innovation Day is celebrated annually on 21 April to promote creativity and innovation in various fields of human endeavour.

Believe that your activity today can also be creative. How? Well, creativity has no limits. Change your route to work, prepare an unconventional dinner or go on a trip without a map and a plan of where to go.  So what do you come up with? 

When you get back, upload and save the activity to your profile and get the badge!