Experience Calendar and Participant Sheet

The Challenge is not so much about competing or trying to push yourself further and further, but more about you and your personal experiences. How you make walking part of your life, what memorable moments you will have and who you will spend them with. We know that many of those moments will remain only in your memories, but some of them you will definitely be able to document and preserve in pictures. Save them in your experience calendar...

The experience calendar is part of each participant's personal profile.

It contains 31 square boxes that you can fill with your photos. For each day of the Challenge, you can upload the picture that best describes it, so you can recall the experiences and memories associated with it. Upload a photo by clicking on the day you want and selecting the picture from the file on your computer/smartphone. You can also add a short comment to the photo or delete it after uploading and replace with another one.

The photo gallery is publicly visible, but if you don't want it to be, you can hide it.

At the end of the Challenge, Premium Account holders can generate their own Participant Sheet, which will include these photos from your Experience Calendar. You can then download the PDF participant sheet to your computer, print it out and hang it on a notice board :)

The experience calendar is always deleted two months before the start of a new challenge round to keep it clean for the next one. If you want to keep your pictures and memories, save them as a PDF participant sheet.

May you have a fun April!