The microregion of Unicovsko

The microregion of Unicovsko is one of the few localities in the CR which meets the above condition. Unicovsko is what we call the Czech Netherlands – almost everyone rides a bike here. However, unlike the Netherlands, there were almost no cycleways in 2000 in the area. Thus the microregion has set a "simple" goal of providing a dense cycling network. And the goal has almost been accomplished now, in 2021, just few kilometers are missing, thanks to their ability to use regional, national and European grants. 

Year 2000 - year zero for a conurbation of the towns of Litovel, Sternberk, Unicov

The Unicovsko Microregion, status to December 31, 2020: 9,390m of mixed-use cycle and pedestrian tracks, 12,570m of cycle tracks.

See the attached presentation for the description of how the network was implemented, year by year, no matter who was the election winner.
Czech version.

Unicov - example in an urban area


Unicov – example in a non-urban area