Urban Agenda for the EU

The ‘Pact of Amsterdam’ of May 2016 has established the Urban Agenda for the EU; a new working method of thematic partnerships seeking to optimise utilisation of the growth potential of cities and to address social challenges. It aims to do so through better cooperation between Cities, Regions, Member States, the European Commission and other stakeholders. Following the 12 priority themes outlined in the Urban Agenda for the EU, 12 thematic partnership have been established. The Partnership on Urban Mobility is one of these Partnerships.

The Urban Mobility Partnership has created a summary of the Action Plan: the Action Plan in Brief.

Source: Action Plan in Brief

Mobility is a highly interlinked topic. Important issues of integrated urban development, such as sustainable urban development, urban climate change, innovative mobility, and a people-oriented design of social cities cut across sectors and departments to involve a wide range of stakeholders within network structures. In addition, there are important links between mobility and health aspects. Motorised traffi c in particular can have a negative impact on the health of local residents, while individual mobility behaviour, especially the active modes, can offer a wide range of cross benefits.

The Association Partnership for Urban Mobility in close cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development is working on an implementation of this document in the Czech Republic. The project comprises the following activities:

1) Develop strategic partnerships
2) Implement educational activities
3) Cooperate with regions
4) Actively communicate with the public
5) Develop international cooperation

In order to deal with these goals we will focus on the following topics identified by the EU Partnership: