How to join the Challenge?

In case you have decided to take the Challenge, to fight with yourself and others or just to find out how big is the role walking plays in your life..., then



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The following information is required:

  • First name and last name. Please enter your first and last name. In your account settings you will be able to enter your nickname after logging in.
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You will receive an email, you need to confirm your participation, which will take you to the next level to fill in more details.


Basic information. Here you can update your profile picture, name, surname and email.

  • Account picture. Your account picture is public. Once you have selected your picture, press the "Save" button.
  • Your name is public unless you fill in the Nickname.
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Required information. This information is necessary to participate in the Challenge and to enter your activities.

To participate, you must fill in the information marked below. *

Please refer to rules for more detailed information on the points calculation in the competition.

  • Municipality * - Public data. Select the municipality that matches or is closest to your permanent residence from the list. For simplicity, please fill in EUROPE.
  • Gender * Public data used to evaluate the competition.
  • Height [cm] * Non-public data used for scoring the competition.
  • Weight [kg] * Non-public data used for scoring calculations in the competition.
  • Year of birth * Non-public data used for scoring calculations in the competition.

Personal Challenge Settings - Here you can set up your personal challenge, which you can track on your profile page.

Note: Don't underestimate your choice. The point of the Challenge is for you to meet or exceed your daily goal each and every day. If you set a goal of walking 1 km a day, that doesn't mean if you cover 30 km in one day, you've met your goal for the whole month of April. You just have to meet the limit every day. You are competing against yourself. It is only allowed to fail to meet the limit 3 times (3 days) out of the 30 days of the Challenge. If you fail to do so, you have lost and your other self has defeated you. So don't hesitate to pick and choose.

  • Turtle / I walk 1 km a day. Slowly, but surely, by small steps forward. I often surprise with my perseverance and as Aesop writes in his fable, don't be surprised if I reach the finish line before the hare.
  • Hedgehog / I walk 3 km a day. I don't walk much and I'm not very fast. But I go out every day and when I do, others know it. I go out to stretch my legs or to get supplies.
  • Giraffe / I walk 5 km a day. I walk slowly but surely. I keep my perspective and look around the countryside. I go into the field, rather shorter distances, but with discretion. When I have to, I can be fast, but why, right?
  • Cat / I walk 7.5 km a day. Walking or running is my daily routine. I scour the whole neighbourhood, wherever I need to get, I walk. I know my surroundings like the back of my paws and nothing escapes. Of course, rest is an obvious part of it, so no wonder if you find me lounging somewhere.
  • Dog / I walk 10 km a day. When I'm motivated, I can outdo myself. I like to be in a pack that I protect and inspire. You can count on me at any opportunity.
  • Meerkat / I walk 15 km a day. I move briskly and love to explore new landscapes. Sights and new places attract me with magical power, I can climb up quickly and have a good look around. Let me see as much as I can. And then quickly go somewhere else, as fast as I can.
  • Hare / I walk 20 km a day. Slow, fast. Jumps, steps. Often you don't even see me as I disappear into the distance. I just have to be careful not to rest on my laurels and see nothing but a turtle shell at the finish line.
  • Reindeer / I walk 30 km a day. Distances don't matter. I'm used to moving tens of kilometres a day. I walk steadily and I can be very fast if necessary. Long journeys are a lifelong challenge and a mental adjustment to me. At least I have time to think things through.
  • And SAVE!

Optional data and settings. Here you can enter optional data for your account or edit other settings.

  • If you enter your nickname, it will be displayed instead of your first and last name.
  • Phone number. Non-public data. It may be used by the organizer to contact you if you win.
  • Your personal motto. The motto will be displayed in your public profile.
  • Classification in a specific competition category. If you fall into one of the listed categories, you can select it to be included in its competition ranking.
  • I do not fall into the categories listed
  • Local government actors (MP, senator, mayor)
  • Pastors
  • Postwomen/postmen
  • Healthcare workers
  • Workers in warehouses and shops
  • Nature of the profession. Non-public data. Used for statistical purposes.
    • Sedentary job, typically in an office at a computer, behind a counter, at a cash register, in a classroom.
    • A job that gets me quite a lot of mileage. I often have to go to distant places to run errands, make arrangements, or get things done.
    • A job that gets me a lot of mileage. Typically a waiter, a patrol officer, a leaflet distributor.
    • A job in which I drive rather than walk. Typically, this is delivering goods and packages.
    • A job in which I do physically demanding manual labour, construction or field work. This includes professional sports.
    • I am not currently employed, I am still studying, on parental leave or retired.
  • Involvement in the competition. You can opt out of the competition and scoring here. The portal functions will still be available to you, but you will not be counted for points, you will not be placed in the leaderboards neither be able to be on a team. You will not be required to provide a picture of the activity when entering activities.
  • Set up email notifications. Select whether you wish to receive email notifications from the 10,000 Steps web portal. These are reminders to insert activities, for example, if you have not inserted any in the last 3 days.
  • Sign up for the CityChangers newsletter. Select if you would like to receive newsletters from CityChangers.


Once you complete the above step, you are taken to the Challenge web portal. Your profile is there and you are automatically participating AS AN INDIVIDUAL.

If you have team spirit, you can start a team or join one. If you do so, you will not only participate as an individual, but also AS A TEAM. Being on a team doesn't mean you have to walk together, it means that your team points add up.