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Walking is the most fundamental form of mobility. It is inexpensive, emission-free, offers important health-benefits, is accessible for all - except those with substantially impaired mobility – regardless of income, and for many citizens is a source of great pleasure.

However, walking is a neglected transport mode and despite being at the start and end of all trips is rarely captured in government statistics on mobility and is often overlooked and under-valued in planning and policy development. The vitality of a city is closely linked to people being out and about on foot for many purposes.

Beyond walking for access to goods and services, people walking are at the heart of urban life and contribute to liveable, attractive, prosperous and sustainable cities.

Our activity. #10000steps: we are competitive, we love movement and we can enjoy life

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We've initiated the 10000steps challenge to enhance active mobility and physical activities
among citizens. More details on

The initiative aims to support people in regular walking for at least one month. 10,000 steps, which is 7.5km in average, is more a magic limit; people should know that fewer steps are enough to improve their physical and mental condition, but must be done regularly, in a brisk pace and in a pleasant environment.

About ten thousand steps project

Walking is the most natural human movement, it strengthens our bodies and souls. 

During the time when our body and soul faces demanding challenges, non-profit organisation Partnership for urban mobility comes with a challenge for all: “come with us on the path to health”, include walking or running among your daily activities.

The goal of the project is to motivate people to do regular physical activity performed by their legs at least for one month. Only regular recording and tracking activities will help us better understand our movement habits.

The ten thousand steps challenge works with a magical level of activity needed, which represents approximately 7,5 kilometres. In reality, much less is needed to see a positive change in the individual body. More important than quantity is regularity, quicker tempo and pleasant environment. 

Activities are possible to monitor by whatever device and write down to the profile according to the rules. Every kilometre counts, whereas the age of the participant and its BMI index is taken into account. We want to give a chance to score even older people and people with higher BMI. And for the most active ones, we prepared interesting prizes. 

When you participate, you do not only fill your challenge but even motivates others. That is supported via teams, which you participants can establish. Mutual encouragement, cooperation and help are the best motivation for those who need it most.

The challenge runs in the tight cooperation with the cities, which actively supports their inhabitants by informing, local events and making good conditions. That involves providing them with tips on interesting places to visit and then work with them on city improvement processes.

We are actually preparing October Challange

Czech good practice

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