We aim to change the way of viewing mobility in Czech towns and cities, and to overcome barriers that hinder elaboration and implementation of mobility plans in the Czech Republic.

The following steps are necessary:

  • Creating a platform for people and organizations which are eager to improve urban environments. It involves partners of the state and local governments, experts, commercial companies, local communities and associations, as well as media and celebrities.
  • Finding enlightened and charismatic people among policymakers, officials and citizens in every city, and helping them with SUMP development and implementation. It should be emphasized that finding such people is quite a difficult process. Every town, every city is "occupied" by a strong group of people who are interested in nothing but cars and do not care about SUMPs at all. Thus, most of the Czech SUMPs appear just for effect. Our key to success is to be able to explain that SUMP is a strategic and not a technical document.