Only several Czech experts are familiar with the SUMP process, and unfortunately these people usually lead discussions with citizens at the professional level they are used to. The substance of SUMP has completely disappeared - what measures we want to suggest and implement and what the public thinks about them. Therefore, in cooperation with MasterCard we are launching a campaign called City Changers which is aimed to present benefits of SUMPs to the public, using a comprehensible and common language. So important communication should switch from hands of technical professionals to hands of marketing companies. With their assistance, enlightened policymakers will be able to inform citizens about often controversial measures.

Do you know the CITY CHANGERS campaign?
 Although it is usually said "money first", we think the truth is different. There's a lack of interest and awareness of the SUMP concept among policymakers at all levels, as found in the analysis; that comes from the whole Czech society which is disinterested in the topic, as should be added. Therefore, a marketing concept is needed to present the topic to the public and policymakers in an appropriate way. This goal will be achieved in cooperation with MasterCard which is the author of the City Changers draft campaign. For the moment, we can provide the presentation only in Czech, but it is understandable. This campaign also could be a model for other countries. The concept has been developed for local level but with the input of MasterCard it can be spread over the Europe or even the whole world. The campaign is intended to help local initiatives and people interested in revitalizing the region, the city. Every City Changers project aims to make public space a liveable and living place through construction improvements and social activities. All ideas and decisions must be made in close cooperation with municipal forum, consisting of residents, with help from the City Changers campaign team. Financial assistance is not a key element in this case but could be important. The aim is a marketing assistance spreading the campaign among citizens and local authorities. 

AND MANY OTHER MARKETING ACTIVITIES. For example, two originally Danish exhibitions under a title "Cities with a good address", produced and lent to the Association by the Danish Embassy. The exhibition aims to initiate public debate on the quality of life in Czech towns and cities, especially in the context of mobility. The exhibition was presented at a conferencein Olomouc in April 2015, since then has visited more than 30 Czech towns. The exhibition consists of two parts: „Happy Danes“ and „The Good City“.


In 2018 with motto "Changing the View of Transportation", we have initiated presentation of an innovative approach to active mobility. The presentation will visit several Czech towns and cities, as a part of workshops, conferences and professional meetings.