Bike Vision 2030

We help to change a cycling culture a to build safety cycling network.

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Our tasks:

  • We support the development of new cycleways.
  • We help deliver safe cycling network for everyday journeys.
  • We monitor what the towns and regions plan in the field of cycling infrastructure development.
  • A map for designing safe measures for cyclists will be created.
  • Our target is to deliver in cooperation with towns and regions a safe network for cyclists.

The visions of the association are mainly implemented within two foreign projects, running from 1st July 2020 to 31st December 2022.

Danube Cycle Plans (Policies, plans and promotion for more people cycling in the Danube region) is a project built on the following activities:

  1. Supporting the development of cycling policies at national and international levels, incl. the process of analyzing and designing an action plan.
  2. Developing national long-distance bike networks and bike tourism.
  3. Performing educational and awareness raising activities and CityChangers campaign.

SABRINA (Safer Bicycle Routes in Danube Area) is a project built on the following activities:

  1. Monitoring the EuroVelo Routes.
  2. Summarizing good practice examples for EuroVelo.
  3. Designing a strategic plan for EuroVelo.
  4. Cooperation on training and educational activities and coordination of a pilot action.